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Last Stop Fiction

Jun 04 2015 Published by under News

Hello, readers.

For the time being First Stop Fiction is closing for new submissions. “For the time being” may or may not be permanent. We haven’t decided.

We still intend on responding to all submissions received up until this point (from up to one year ago – some are from July), and publishing those we accept until we run out. All stories published will stay online on this site for at least two and a half years, and probably much longer, since the domain name is registered far in advance.

If you are significantly female-identified, you might want to submit to Moonsick Magazine, which our newer editor started up recently.

We’ll let you know our plans once our queue is empty and the last of our accepted submissions are scheduled for publication.

Thank you, sincerely, for reading.

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Closed for Submissions During June

May 31 2014 Published by under News

During the month of June, First Stop Fiction will be closed to new submissions.

This year, First Stop Fiction has attracted many more submissions than we have before. We’ve gotten behind on our queue. We used to be able to respond to submissions within a few days, but now we are too far behind for this to be feasible. So we’re going to take a month to handle all submissions currently pending.

We’ll keep publishing stories as usual! The only difference from usual is that we won’t be taking new submissions for one month. If you’ve submitted to us already, rest assured we will respond.

You may notice that it is not yet June. If you’d like to submit to us before we close for a month, therefore, please do so today.

And, while you’re on the site, please do check back in a couple weeks for the next story.

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First Stop Status

Jan 06 2011 Published by under News

First Stop Fiction is currently seeking submissions. We will begin publishing a very short story every Thursday when we are confident we can do so for the foreseeable future.

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