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Germs by D.P. Southwell

Jun 26 2014 Published by under Stories

The bag was delivered at noon. Dr. Sherman smiled carefully when he opened it and wider after inspecting it. It was a body bag.

Body bags were germproof, like all of Dr. Sherman’s favorite things. Body bags were to contain decomposing – he blanched – flesh. Dr. Sherman had nightmares about germs.

This lab room – this stainless and porcelain castle – was a sanctuary. But there was one problem with the sanctuary: him.

So he spread the bag on the floor and unfolded it. It was inside-out, black and coffinous.

It was inside out so he could seal it from the inside.

D.P. Southwell was born in the woods of north Michigan, and has been a roughneck, roustabout, surveyor, farmhand, and currently works in publishing.  He is married to the girl of his dreams and has a veritable dirigible of a baby.  He has been bitten by a tiger (true story).

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