Final Moments of a Free Man by Ryan Priest

Dec 15 2011

In front of me stands the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Part of me knows she only seems so attractive because my heart is pumping like a piston and my adrenaline is dripping from my pores.

From my right periphery I see the five cops. They’ve made it through security and they’re in a hurry.

I’m still staring at her and I can almost convince myself that I caught her smile at me. Maybe if I’d had a woman like this at home I wouldn’t be here.

Looks like I’m going to miss my flight. The cops are checking everyone’s face. I know they’ve got my photo somewhere.

“You’re beautiful.” I yell out to the woman. I just thought she should know. She doesn’t care, at least she doesn’t let on. She smiles.

Her trip is about to get a little more interesting. Now this will be remembered as the time she got hit on by the fugitive right before a swarm of cops nabbed him and dragged him out of her life forever.

In a way this is better than a shoot out or car chase. At least this way one beautiful woman will never forget me.

Ryan Priest lives in Hollywood California where he writes prose and screenplays while perpetually between dead end jobs and lay offs. To see more of his work or get news on his first feature film “The Scam” go to

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