Flash Fiction Live Sign Ups

This reading series is currently in the planning stage. Please direct questions to the editor’s personal email address, justis.d.mills@gmail.com and please direct submissions for the first reading as described below.

Flash Fiction Live is a sporadic radio show for flash fiction read aloud. Anyone is free to take part and read their work. The show takes place at 8 PM on Thursdays, EST, whenever enough pieces are available. Up to six people will read their work per show.

In order to sign up for Flash Fiction Live, email FirstStopFiction@gmail.com with the story you plan to read embedded in the body of your email. In the subject of the email please put “Flash Fiction Live Submission: Your Name Here” and please include the following information below the piece:

1. Any notes on how you would like to be introduced.
2. Your Skype username (or an audio file of you reading the piece).

If you provide the audio, then that audio will be included in the show. If you instead provide a Skype username, I will call you through Skype at a convenient time and record the audio myself. Either way, the audio you provide will be used as a backup in case something goes wrong and you cannot read your piece live. If you can read it live, then it is encouraged.

While the use of webcams is exciting, we will stick with audio for now so as many people as possible can take part.

Without readers, this will not work, so please do sign up and invite your friends. The first reading will take place when we have gathered enough pieces. All participating authors and any prospective submitters are encouraged to watch the live stream and take part in an embedded chat room. After the reading is done, the audio will be archived as a podcast.

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  1. Hi, I write flash fiction, usually 300 words or less. I am in the UK. The idea of a radio show sounds interesting. Do you need contributors to be in the USA or will anywhere with a phone do?

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