We are closed to new submissions. This may or may not be temporary. If it turns out to be temporary, we’ll let you know on the main page and this message will no longer appear. If you’d like to know what our guidelines would be if we were open to submissions, feel free to keep reading.

We want very short stories (less than 500 words preferred, less than 1000 required) that end at the first opportunity. Do not send stories that drag on or continue after the first opportunity, no matter how good they are. Send only one story at a time. After hearing back from us, please wait at least a month to submit again.

Send submissions in the body of an email to, with a short, third person bio after the story. Say hi if you want, but no cover letter is necessary. Please don’t attach anything.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but let us know immediately if your story is accepted anywhere else. If we accept your piece, we assume one-time publication rights, but your work remains your own.

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